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Clink Custom Cocktail App Case Study


CDE 350

Clink App





Clink is a cocktail app that generates unique drink recipes from ingredients one has in their own home. The Make A Cocktail quiz allows the user to fill out all the ingredients they currently have available, and the app will curate a unique cocktail in seconds. The app also offers a Tool Glossary, Database of Classic Cocktails, a Blog, and a Favorites section.
This work was the result of the final group project from my CDE 350 Web and Mobile Publishing course. A finalized and prototyped mobile application needed to be presented in Adobe XD, along with 15-20 mobile pages. The app should solve a problem that we could relate to, or fill a current lack in the market. The app should include a logo, app icon, iconography, typography, and photos and/or vector images.
As a group, we found that the Apple App Store, despite its many offerings, lacked a solid and modern cocktail generator application that was user-friendly, attractive, and aimed at younger (but still 21+) audiences. As a result, our goals for the project were to:
  •  create a platform educating users about cocktails
  • incorporate a blog so that users can feel a sense of community
  • include a database of cocktails
  • generate a glossary of popular tools and ingredients used for mixology
The target audience is for those 21+, foodies wanting to try new drinks, and newly 21 users who want to find their niche drink of choice.
App Icon.png

App logo and iconography.


Mood board, color palette, and typefaces used. 

The final, prototyped version of the app.

Ciani Foy - Design and mock-ups

Claire Jones - Design and prototyping

Hannah Jablonski - Presentation layout and design

Leah Hottenstein - Logo, illustrations, and elements

Sydney Henry  - Design and research

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